Please join us starting Thursday, February 21st at 7:00pm for an exiting look at Bible prophecy!


Thursday, February 21 7:00 PM  The Cosmic War of Revelation
Friday, February 22 7:00 PM  The Collapse of Global Society
Saturday, February 23 7:00 PM  Revelations Judgement Hour
Sunday, February 24 7:00 PM  The Day I Died and Lived to Tell About it
Thursday, February 28 7:00 PM  On the Eve of Aregeddon
Friday, March 01 7:00 PM  The Object of the Anti-Christ Attack
Saturday, March 02 11:00 AM  The Mark of the Beast
Saturday, March 02 7:00 PM  My Story - Being diagnosed with a brain tumor and outlook of 4 months to live
Sunday, March 03 7:00 PM  Revelation's 4 Horsemen
Thursday, March 07 7:00 PM  Isreal, Jerusalem and the Temple
Friday, March 08 7:00 PM  Why do Innocent People Suffer?
Saturday, March 09 11:00 AM  What does the Bible Predict for the U.S. and our Global Economy?
Saturday, March 09 7:00 PM  The Second Coming and the Secret Rapture
Wednesday, March 13 7:00 PM  Near Death Experiences
Thursday, March 14 7:00 PM  When the World Burns and 1000 Years of Peace
Friday, March 15 7:00 PM  Babylon and the Whore
Saturday, March 16 11:00 AM  Last Night on Planet Earth