Hi Everyone! I will start to post little health tips,recipes, and odds and ends.

I hope you enjoy!

New Tip this month!!!!!

If you rub behind your ears and ear lobes, and then rub it on a zit under your nose or anywhere else... it will help the pain to go away..I personally tried it amazingly it worked and it didn't hurt.So cool and wierd at the same time. Laughing out Loud!!!

Last Month's tip

1/4 tsp pharmacy cayanne pepper stired in 1/2 cup of water, followed by 8 oz of water every other day is a good blood purifier.

P.S. Can get pharmacy cayenne pepper at any sprouts, or herbal store.

Tip 1

For Acid Reflux-

Drink fresh lemon Juice (2 tablespoons) as often with flare ups or needed.

What does this do?

This neutralizes the acid in the stomach & neutralizes the bodies system.

Tip 2


Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Arizona weather is harsh for our bodies and we sweat alot out. So, keep hydrated! Remember if your already thristy that is a sign of body wanting water.

Tip 3

My husband and I are starting a special jar of beans. BEANS you ask? Yes, we are taking 1 jar full of beans and 1 empty jar. 1 bean for every week until we are 70 yrs old.

What to do next!

Every sabbath we take 1 bean and ask ourselves. How have we served our lord?

Have we read the bible daily? talked to a stranger/or family member about him? given our time to help the needy? etc....

Then, if we have done just that, We then put the bean into the empty jar.

Last, We pray!

Note: Once we get to our goal of living to 70 and our empty jar is full and now have a new empty jar. We then take on sabbath, a bean and pray, and give thanks to our lord, for that week we have lived till 70yrs, and continue to serve our lord.